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Continuing on with our fast food theme we are taking a look at the classic Mc Chicken with a few added extras. Eating a well-rounded diet doesn't have to be boring, try something new and you may surprise yourself. This one is seriously easy.


A chicken breast sliced in half length ways per serve

Quality whole egg mayo (make your own if you are up to it)

Iceberg lettuce

Quality bread crumbs (you can use an alternative here such as almond meal)

1 egg

Sesame seeds 

Sant and pepper

Avocado (optional)

Tomato (optional)



1. Slice all of the vegetables and set aside.

2. Mix salt and pepper with your crumbing mix. Egg the breasts and crumb liberally, ensure you press the crumbs in firmly. If you have some extra time it is a good idea to leave the crumbed breasts in the fridge for an hour to bind better. 

3. Shallow fry or bake (if you want to be a little healthier) the breast until golden on each side. Allow to rest to ensure the juices are contained.

 4. Build your salad to your liking, as you can see we added tomato and avocado. The mayonnaise and sesame seeds are a must!


OPTIONAL - If you are reading this and thinking to yourself, "stuff this, I just want a burger", you are not alone, you are certainly better off creating your own. The only thing we suggest is you take the time to steam the bun, you can thank us later.


Until next time!

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