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Maybe you're a little burnt out from the grind year after year.
Maybe you're fresh and just starting to feel the grind, and discovering it is exactly that. 

Whatever the case, the gentle are can become not so mentally and physically.
Here are some ways to keep the love alive with your marriage to grappling. 


If you're super burnt out on the kill-or-be-killed of BJJ when you have a couple years under your belt. maybe jump in and help coach one of the kids or beginner classes. You'll solidify your learning by having to recall and contextualise imformation to someone who cannot fathom the intrcacies of grappling.

Plus you might even get an ego boost.....

Try new things.

Guard player? Start on top.
Top player? Start in guard.

You'll get burnt out FOR SURE if you do the same thing all the time, and there's a plethora of new ways to attack the game.

It'll only make your game better exposing where you could be developmentally lacking and you could have greater rolls with the guy/gal you always hit with the triangle from guard. 

They might even show you a thing or two from your new experimental approach.


This one is obvious and gives a definite edge to your training.
Hitting the mats with a defined set of goals in mind (refine technique, make weight, fine tune conditioning) is a big one to kick your butt in gear. 

Competition might be the cure to your boredom woes if you know for a fact there's someone just chomping at the bit to choke you with 100% of their ability.

Try gi/no-gi.

Old blokes love the gi, young blokes love MMA and no gi goes hand-in-hand. When the monotony of training rears its ugly head there is always the option to shed the gi or slap it on and give the other side of the coin a try. 

There is always something to be learned when you stick to one path of grappling for too long and get a taste for the greenery on the other side of the fence. 

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