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You know 'that guy'.

The one who saunters onto the mat and everyone avoids eye contact because his Gi is sweaty, his nails unclipped and hygiene's messy.

If you're struggling to think of someone who fits the bill, it's entirely possible that it's YOU. 

In case you didn't know, the best ways to get off on the right foot is to put in work before you're in the gym doors. 

Check these must-haves and must do's.

1. Thongs

The numero uno rule for a visible and bacterially clean mat is to keep a barrier between your feet and the outside ground so that when you enter the mat your footsies are not inviting invaders onto the mat.

Double down on this if you have to use the gym bathroom. 

Off the mat?
On the thongs.

2. Nails

Your nails should be short enough that you're not a danger to the skin of your partners but not so much that it's killing you to grip a Gi. 

Most people have been scratched or have been the guilty party and then had to endure the formalities of "it's alright mate, really, it happens".

But it's not alright mate. It's not alright. 

3. Gi washed

People love to be the Yoda of the gym and say "just hang it out" and then some rambling story about how you're soft.

But in truth, if you're simply hanging out your Gi, even in direct sunlight, you are drying old sweat into the fabric. Sweat that's not entirely yours.

By the end of a given month, you will have accumulated so much DNA into your uniform they could make a Netflix documentary about it. 

Wash your Gi.

4. Bring a towel

If you're a notorious sweater there's not much you can do about it other than curb the effects for others. If you've been known to marinate yourself in every class and pass it on to others, take a towel.

Between every roll give it a whirl.

5. Take wet wipes.

If you've been at work all day or just not feeling funky fresh, give these guys a go and feel how rejuvenated the fruit bowl is after.

I mean is it excessive?

But do you really wanna have a triangle that people consider a dirty bomb?


Get out there with your thongs on and your hygiene dreamy and we'll catch you on the mat. 

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