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All the good guys are doing it.

Plus John Danaher, the end-of-level-boss of Reno Gracie's and the namesake of the Danaher Death Squad, quotes Dean Lister as saying 'Why would you ignore 50% of the human body?". 

Well, we have a few reasons for young padawans to ignore 50% of the human body, so before you go all ham on hamstrings and heels, check these out.

1. Your Passing Sucks.
If your coach hasn't told you this in reference to being a beginner then we're telling you now. 

Your passing probably sucks.
If it was good, you'd probably not be reading a beginners BJJ blog post, am I right?

Get your passing and top game sorted and even then, try to hit leg attacks from the bottom and do not give up position.

2. You hit them from the wrong place at the wrong time.
As the above point concluded, you're probably giving up position. The cardinal sin of Jiujitsu is to lose position on your opponent's terms.

BJJ, being a structured and tiered series if positions means that if you move from guard, to halfguard, to side control, to mount and lose position anywhere along the way, you are not getting the point of truly dominating.

3. You have no idea what you're doing.
Which leads us to our next point, you probably have no real idea what you're doing and had no real instruction but you saw Gordon Ryan or Craig Jones tapping people left and right.

There's a LOT of actual control going on and those guys have an entire system in place plus their passing games are world class. 

If you're hitting leg attacks with no instruction prior you are endangering your training partner and yourself. 

4. Coach says it's a no-no.
Last but not least, the reason you may have had no instruction is that leg locks are just a no go at your place of training.

There's a reason they're frowned upon for beginners and that's due to the grave injuries they can present. No one wants to be out for upwards of a year and your coach doesn't want that either.

Trust your coach who only wants what's best for you and the leg locks will be there waiting when you level up.

Stay classy beginners and we'll see you on the mat. 


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