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We've all been bloated, bellyaching from an overdose of sugary cake or another unhealthy treat. But moments before, you were wide-eyed and hankering to get your mitts on the very thing that made you feel like you were about to lose a foot to diabetes.

What if defending submissions was a kinda the same?
Except in this scenario you're the bellyache?

Below we have three submissions where your partner might get more than they bargained for by slapping one on you. 
Do note that these aren't necessarily submission escapes, but they should help bide time and stay in the roll


By now you should be acquainted with the guillotine, as nearly everyone who graces the mats has seen one in the UFC, in previous rolls, or even in movies. 

So when someone takes the neck, we give them too much of it.

Just like above, when you feel the submission on, immediately grip the choking hand, swing the opposite hand over the shoulder of your partner and give them too much neck like a crossface in side control. 

The guillotine here is essentially gone and the submitter will look for alternate means of getting ahead while you can focus on turning the tables. 

Cutting Armbar

Another sub that newbies love to get caught in, but another we can feed the submission magician too much of.

When you feel your arm extend out, try not to curl it into your belly instinctively to get it back. Although this will stop the submission, you have all but given up your back.

Much like the guillotine, feed the arm through and pressure forward to give them too much armbar here. The free hand then works on passing the guard turning this into an opportunity to get ahead in points rather than a game-ending sub loss.

Straight Footlock

This submission was the muse for this entire blog post now that leglocks are all the rage. You should be finding yourself in these attempts often as a whitebelt to immunise you from further attacks when you are a higher belt. Essentially, a pain move, but the straight footlock can be the predecessor to many attacks such as the heel hook as you level up in belt colour.

Your partner wants to lean back and exercise pressure into the Achilles tendon that attaches your bony heel to your calf causing discomfort. Now you know what the drill is.

Feed too much foot through while gripping the lapel and angle your foot up so that the grip is now on the meatier part of the calf which can absorb the pressure. The angle of the foot flexes and hardens the muscle to create a more resilient area for your partner to work against. 

And that's all she wrote.
Can you think of any other submissions where you can give your opponent too much of a good thing?
Feel free to comment them on our social media channels and remember to stay in the roll.




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