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If you haven't been hiding under a rock you'd know that leglocks are like Hansel, so hot right now. The internet is brimming with new ways to flounder, facilitate, finish or fustigate when attacking the legs.

But competition, rules, safety, humans, coaches and whoever else want you to stay away from the fun. But you're not going to are ya?

Here is a little looksy into how to approach the game of legs without getting yourself into strife, whilst still building a solid foundation for fighting from the waist down. 

Straight Ankle Locks Only

If you thought this would be a blog on how to find a loophole in the white belt code of conduct, my bad. At this point in time, the finish of leglocks is on the horizon but so far out of reach.

Your ability to conceptualise and practice BJJ is most likely at such an infantile state (no offense) that you will not only hurt someone but you will be so preoccupied with the finish you will abandon common sense. This will show itself by you using unnecessary strength, yanking joints, abandoning guard passing, and a good many other mistakes. 

So for now, straight ankle locks only. 

Pick your partner

When you're getting our first foray into feet-to-waist fighting, choose your leglock sherpa wisely. Someone who is of a higher belt and knowledgeable of the leg game, but who you also trust. 

Let them put you in safe leglocks with good technique, but also forbidden submissions so you can respect and experience why they are for higher belts.

Feel before they're real.


Control is everything

If you cannot control the leg, and in turn your opponent, there will not be any submission finish. Control and maintaining control are paramount in leg submissions. Without it, you will get your guard passed and find yourself in more precarious positions than when you started.

Try getting a rear naked choke without having the back. 
Same same.

Attack from the bottom

Leg hungry guys and gals will often give up a perfectly good top position to sit back for a leg lock. While this is great if you have a refined game, you and I know that your ego can't handle the embarrassment of falling back for a failed highlight ankle lock only to look like humpty dumpty. 

Instead try and attack from positions where there's not much to lose anyway, like from most bottom positions. Just be aware of the potential guard pass. 

Last but not least...

Consult your coach. Always.
If he's not okay with it, then that's what is in your best interest whether you choose to accept it or not. Maybe it's not your time, but it's coming.



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