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We often hear from novices in and around the grappling game about trying to "figure out" the secret of jiujitsu as if it's some kind of elaborate puzzle or maze.

While philosophically it can be both of those things, there really isn't a secret to continued development and growth as a grappler. If you find yourself in a gym or dojo that keeps secrets and professes to know the hidden, secret, answer to jiujitsu, I would take a hard look at the level of skill the higher members hold as well as their accomplishments.

In saying that, if there ever was a real secret weapon to Jiu Jitsu - and I'm not saying there is - find a guy that's your skill level, your rank, and as close to your height and size as you can.

This is by no means a secret but the potency of someone who is just as fast, strong, durable, and technical as you and will test you realistically and productively in a give and take competitive relationship.

So don't fall victim to an environment where full disclosure of concepts techniques and theorem are not afforded to you, and do find someone who can push you and let you push back, because the mats are a place for sharing and not the da Vinci code.

Until next week.
- Jake Anderson

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