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1 brown onion

3 cloves of garlic

1 thumb of ginger

2 large mild green chillies 

1 jar of thai laksa paste

1 Tbs of fish sauce

1 ltr of chicken stock

1 BBQ chicken

400ml of coconut milk

1/2 red capsicum

1 handful of snow peas

A medium bunch of coriander 

1 large handful of spring onions

Bean shoots 

Noodles of your choice (egg noodles or vermicelli rice noodles are ideal)



1. Shred the BBQ chicken and set aside. Chop the vegetables as per the image below.

2. Fry the onions until opaque in an oil of you choice, add the chillies, garlic and ginger.

3. Add the laksa paste to the pan and fry off for 2-3 minutes. Add the fish sauce.

4.  Add the chicken stock and bring to the boil for 1 minute, lower to a simmer and add the chicken, coconut milk, capsicum and snow peas.

5. Simmer for 5 minutes and turn the heat off and add the coriander and spring onions.

6. In a deep bowl pour the laksa over your noodles of choice and add the bean shoots on top. Leave to soften the noodles and enjoy. (You really should add some sriracha at this point)

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