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Craving that juicy burger goodness without having to add another shameful notch to the belt? It's time for you to ditch the bun and live on the lighter side.


Makes one burger.

125g Beef patty (don't be afraid of a little fat)

1 Egg

2 Slices of tomato

1/4 Onion

1 Rasher of bacon


1. Fry your onions until caramelised.

2. Cook your patty to your liking, make sure you flatten to patty using baking paper and a pan. I don't like to add anything except a small sprinkle of salt and pepper. Take out of the pan once cooked and allow to rest.

3. Crisp up some bacon and fry your egg.

4. You are ready to assemble to your liking.



This seems obvious by now, add your favourite burger ingredients to the mix, pickles etc.

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