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In our opinion pumpkin is one of the most versatile ingredients out there and is perfect for sustaining strenuous training regimes. These perfect pumpkin pancakes are so easy to make and delicious beyond belief. Here is how.


Pre-baked pumpkin pieces (a solid handful makes 4 decent pancakes)

1 egg per the desired batch

You can add bread crumbs if you are looking to bulk the meal up, this is not necessary, just ensure your mix is not too runny. 


1. It is a good idea to keep some baked pumpkin pieces in the fridge, as we previously said this is a versatile veggie. Add 1 decent handful to a bowl and mash.

2. You can add some breadcrumbs if you wish, however you are getting enough carbs with the pumpkin. Add an egg and beat until the mixture is combined, you do not want an overly runny consistency and if you find this is the case add some more pumpkin.

3. Add spoonfuls of the mixture to a hot pan and cook each side until golden brown. Ahhhhhh. Add your favourite breakfast items and you are set!



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