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We previously covered something that beginner grapplers will say at least once in their early days of live rolling, "I don't know how to start a roll?". For our last blog entry on how to start a roll click here before venturing onward as today's read will build on this. 

The first entry on this series focused on simply starting the roll, as the more time you are worrying over the best course of action to take is mat time that could have been spent making mistakes and embedding real-time knowledge in a practical setting. 

So we've learned to just make the roll start as a priority but what now?
The most productive way for a beginner to approach a roll now is to......


Just take the back?
Like it's so simple?

Of course it isn't simple to just take the back like its an appetiser, which in a turnabout way is kinda the point.

Say you start in your opponent's guard and you want the back, you might have to:

- Pass the guard.

- Maintain side control.

- Mount

- Hold mount until they give an opening or try an escape.

- Take the back.

There's definitely assumed knowledge in there that you would need some guard passing technique, but did you sit there stagnantly wondering what to do and waste mat


Did you try and perform a number of crucial elements of grappling with a definitive goal in mind?


Same idea from a defensive position of bottom side control:

- Fight for the underhook.

- Hip out.

- Get to your knees.

- Work for control/hooks.

This approach to always seeking the back will give you direction when engaging in a roll. The back is considered the most advantageous position by the majority of BJJ purists and for very good reason.

Be it from half guard, full guard, mount, forcing a scramble, or side control, just make the back an absolute priority and you will find yourself engaged in the roll with a clear destination in mind. 

Heck you might even learn control, escapes, guard passing and a good many other functional skills.

In the words of the Terminator, "I'll be back" and so should you.

- Jake Anderson

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