New Gi, New Me: The Grapplers Guide to Goals

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The Grapplers Guide to Goals.

Often thought about a new years resolution?
Get a bit miffed when they don't stick?

You're not the only one!
At least you've got us and a guide to making your 2019 grappling goals a reality.

Firstly, why set a goal?
Research has shown time and time again that those who have goals are more competent, more satisfied with their progression and are more likely to actually achieve them.

So let's get to it.

Set a goal for the year, intrinsically and extrinsically.
Intrinsic is something personal and from within which the grappler will seek on their own such as relatedness, personal growth, competence or physical fitness. Things that are not physical objects and are of a personal nature. 

The benefits of setting intrinsic goals are that you are more likely to find them enjoyable, therefore you are more likely to tough it out and achieve them.

Extrinsic goals are often external to the athlete and are often defined as incentives or rewards like money or winning. These goals are beneficial as they can be tangible and progress can usually be quantified. However, they are often criticised for coming from a place where the goal setter is seeking validation from others.

So how do the two combine to provide a tangible goal that is inherently enjoyable to the grappler?

Take promotion to the next rank for example in jiujitsu.
You've set a goal to rank up before the end of 2019.
You extrinsically want the belt, but to get it you intrinsically need to become the belt. See how this works?

Imagine just for a moment if there were no belt ranks in BJJ.
How would you intrinsically track your progress?
How would you extrinsically motivate yourself competitively?

The answer is you'd probably just try and beat everyone and your BJJ, and psyche, would suffer.

Beating everyone isn't the path a strong, rounded grappling game.

Now that you understand your target inside and out, literally, it's time to break it down into chunks to appease father time.

You've obviously got your year goal: "Rank up by the end of 2019"

But now let's break it down into it down into monthly goals, such as learn a chosen concept from the syllabus such as escapes, or chokes etc.

Break this down into weekly goals and then break this own again into goals for every training session. A weekly goal could execute the technique from the syllabus in a live roll and. 

Unsure what your goal should be?
Simple, ask your coach.

If you're a regular on the mat and have an active coach who engages you in rolls or has a keen eye, ask them where you're at and if they've any input on your grappling development. 

If you aren't a regular on the mat, you've just confessed your 2019 goal without knowing it. Go train.

Let us know your grappling goals in comments plus don't forget to like and share to support Aussie grappling.




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