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What are the most important techniques a beginner grappler should know?

Well, a loaded question as Danaher will attest to, so we've gone ahead and compiled some concepts you can easily apply as techniques with deeper implications. 

We've gathered info from John Danaher, Lachlan Giles, and 

John Danaher - Elbow Escapes and Back Basics

John makes a distinction between what is a concept for white and what are techniques that embody these very important movements and concepts.

These are very detailed and content-heavy pointers so we have included the starting timed for each below. 

  1. Mount Elbow Escape (4:40s)
  2. Side control Elbow Escape (9:20s)
  3. Closed Guard Back Take (15:00s)
  4. Back Control (10:54s)

In summary, Danaher utilises great techniques that can innately attune you to the concepts he details. Big emphasis on the specific movements to achieve the techniques that house the concepts. 

Lachlan Giles - Gaining Closed Guard 

Lachlan has a fantastic approach to teaching that extends to his growing database of lessons on his YouTube channel. 

A safe place for many beginners is the closed guard where you can defend and maintain a fairly offensive space depending on your level of experience. 

Lachlan shows how to get to closed guard against advanced opponents who utilise some guard passing that puts you out of your depth. 

In summary for beginners:

  1. Grips are foot frames are paramount.
  2. Do not overextend your frames.
  3. When frames and grips are lost, go into damage control to reestablish and return. 

     Roger Gracie - Armbar from Closed Guard

    Roger Gracie is known for being a heavyweight that moves like a much smaller man and the way he moves from his back illustrates this. 

    If you use the info from John Danaher and Lachlan Giles above then the arm lock from Roger, you will receive some much-needed clarity in navigating the murky waters of being a beginner grappler. 

    Important key points in having an effective armbar from guard include:

    1. Posture control.
    2. "Climbing" your opponent with your guard.
    3. Hip escapes creating angles.


    Let us know what you think of these techniques for beginner grapplers and drop a comment with your "must know" beginner techniques. 



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