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Forget your store bought nut bars with a million additives, now you can make your own pre training snacks with 3 simple ingredients.


2 Cups of raw cashews (feel free to use your favourite nuts)

1 Cup of desiccated coconut

3 Tablespoons of raw honey



1. Toast the nuts in a frying pan until slightly golden. Remove and put into a blender, give the cashews a quick blitz and sit aside.

2. Lightly toast the coconut and add the cashews back into the pan.

3. Add the honey to the mix and ensure everything is coated, you may need to add more or less here to ensure the mix sticks together.

4. Put the hot mixture into an appropriate container to cool, in this case we used a silicone muffin tray.

5. Allow to fully cool and enjoy responsibly.

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