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- 500g mince (choose your favourite meat, if you want to be super lean perhaps look at chicken or turkey mince)

- 4 Garlic cloves

- 1 Tin of diced or crushed tomatoes 

- 1 Jar or tomato puree 

- 1 Heaped tablespoon of tomato paste

- 10 Eggs

- Half a cup of milk

- 1 Handful of fresh basil

- 1 Onion

- Olive oil


- Cheese to taste

- Béchamel sauce (we are not even going to tell you how to make it as we do not condone it, granted I added the sauce as it was a Friday night and my wife was giving me the evil eye)



- Large mixing bowl

- Medium pot

- Large non-stick fry pan

- A round spring form cake tin

- All of the other usual stuff 




  1. In a large mixing bowl, whisk the eggs and milk together until fully combined.
  2. Add approximately 2.5 eggs worth to a non-stick frypan and make epic omelettes. you will need 4 omelettes for this recipe (it is a good idea to make these in advance and put them in the fridge to cool, this way they will stay nice and firm).


The Sauce  

  1. Fry the onions until opaque then add the mince, cook until brown, at this point I like to add the garlic and season to taste.
  2. Now you need to add the tomato paste and cook through for a few minutes, this stage is important as you do not want raw tomato paste, no one deserves that.
  3. Add the can of tomatoes and reduce slightly then add the puree.
  4. Reduce the mix way down - you are looking for a thick consistency. I like to add the seasoning and basil towards the end.


Putting it Together 

  1. In your cake tin, start with a layer of egg.
  2. Add 1/4 of the meat sauce per layer, repeat this process until you have 4 layers of egg.
  3. If you are naughty, you may add cheese to taste and finish with the un-condoned béchamel sauce.
  4. Bake for approximately 20 minutes on 180° c or until you see browning on the top.




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