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This Saturday night at the Mantra on View in Surfer's Paradise is the latest instalment of Classic Jiu Jitsu - the richest blue belt tournament with a $5,000 winner-take-all prize.

Sixteen teams of five competitors will go head to head in an elimination-style to determine the main event final.

Add to that a curtain jerker that serves as an entree to the blue belt main event final...

But we'll get to that.

Classic Jiu JItsu on the Gold Coast

Bouts are only won by submission however if a sub isn't achieved, both competitors are removed and their next teammate meets a fresh grappler from the opposing side.

To keep the bouts at a brisk pace with no breaks in the action, penalties are distributed to any stalling competitor ensuring the flow of the match is uninterrupted.

The blue belts roll hard with an intensity to do their team proud and always put on a high-paced event. 

Blue belts always provide the exciting rolls on Classic Jiu Jitsu

But the event also has something worth getting through the doors for. 


The brainchild of Classic Jiu-Jitsu founder is the co-main to the blue belt final with a team-based match - similar to the blue belt team format - however including players from any belt rank. 

You might be thinking "... of course I'll just build a team of black belts..." but not with the ingenious system for team building.

An 80kg purple belt is a factor of 0 in the team building scheme.

Deviate higher than this in weight and/or rank against a competitor in lower weight and/or rank and you are penalised on the clock. So it pays to keep your team balanced so not every match is at your detriment on the clock.

The team building system for Classic Jiu Jitsu's All ranks showcase

If two players are the same rank, the bout is 6 minutes.
However, if the disparity continues there is an additional 2-minute penalty for each rank. 

Example; A large black belt could be looking at a one minute match against a small blue belt.

And if the blue belt survives?

The draw just knocked out a black belt from the rival team!

Classic Jiu Jitsu has a team based format featuring a new all ranks showcase

Strategy becomes an integral part of team building and grappler succession when planning who takes on who.

The entire match is determined when the last player on a team is eliminated. 

As it stands, here is the invitational teams for the showcase event before a 16 man elimination tournament will be launched in 2020 with the winning team takign out the $5000 prize. 

A massive team effort from both with incredible showings, including Author Athlete Dan Castle's holding it down under Team Pasha.

Doors open at 5:30 pm and matches are to begin at 6 pm.

Get your tickets now for only $25 and witness the future of team-based grappling in a venue worth watching some exciting BJJ and having a beer in.

For more information check out Classic Jiu Jitsu and secure yiur seats now.

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