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You can go into rolling each belt with the same mindset and that's totally fine. Or you can have a squiz at this and take a roll with every coloured belt and squeeze all the juice out of it.

So without further ado.......

White belt

Don't be a spaz.

Especially if your partner is.

The last thing anyone needs on the mat is a duet of frogs in a sock.

It's not Wrestlemania. 

Now that we got that out of the way, what you should be focussing on is the technique coach demonstrated in a live roll. Far too many classes go by with technique thrown by the wayside, so the sooner you try a technique and have it work for you in a live roll the sooner you'll understand the power of jiujitsu.

You'll prolong that first light bulb moment the longer you go without whatever it is your coach is teaching. Trust me. Technique is king and when you nail a technique successfully in a live roll against a resisting opponent you're on your way to "getting it".


Blue Belt

Survive and take everything you can get. 
This will most likely be a physically harder roll as no blue belt - especially a fresh one - wants to be tapped by a white belt. Focus on breathing, keeping your arms close to you whilst protecting your neck, and getting on top by any means.

Scramble, get to one position better than you were and, again, breathe. Even if it means getting to half-guard from bottom side control it is still a win.

It might sound funny that a blue belt will probably be the worst roll you'll encounter but read on and you'll see why.

Additionally, do not give up.
This doesn't mean do not tap, actually far from it. 
When you tap get right back in there. 

Purple Belt

You should respect all your training partners regardless, however, this is particularly where you should begin to respect your elders, metaphorically speaking. A purple belt is at a stage where they will have a very well rounded approach to jiujitsu and a strong idea of their game. 

So in essence, you are outmatched in potentially every way. 
Take this roll as a true test of your defence because the purple belt will outmatch you in such a way that they will most likely toy with you (respectfully). This is a stark contrast to the blue belt roll in which you were constantly attacked with your partner's entire arsenal. 

Pay attention.
Ask questions after the roll, unless during you are spoken to first.
Focus on what basics you know and try techniques you're comfortable.

This is not a time for worrying about what will go wrong, instead enjoy an environment that has to potential for you to make mistakes and get immediate feedback on them with correction.

Brown Belt

This is a belt where the terminology and concepts may be beyond you, which is fine. What you should do when rolling with a brown belt is feel the subtle nuances about their style. You will begin feeling truly efficient movement and technique here.

If you're swept or submitted without having any idea of how, or by making one simple error in judgement, do not be surprised. 

This is a time where you can start to see a true mastery of the fundamentals at such a level that you are rendered obsolete. Again, pay attention and ask questions. The only difference here is to make the questions rather profound or at least give them some serious thought because you're most likely going to get a profound answer.


Black Belt

Be inspired.
Take the fluid and seamless game of the black belt you're rolling with and let their ability to effortlessly manipulate your body as a muse for the level you wish to achieve. As a white belt, you might feel like this roll is pointless, but there's a lot happening to confuse yet hopefully amuse you.

You probably have no idea what's going on and that's the point. If it as easy to comprehend and understand the complexities of being a black belt then they'd be everywhere. This roll should feel special and hold a place in your heart where you tell your friends how easily you got pieced up by a black belt, so much so that you didn't even understand!

And there's you small and by no means a complete guide to rolling with each belt.
Enjoy each moment on the mat and by all means stay in the roll!


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