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Classic Jiu Jitsu is the world's richest 16 man elimination tournament for blue belts and is storming UFC 243 weekend on October 5th at the historic St Kilda Town Hall with Author in full support.

Watch some of the country's most promising and exciting blue belts compete in 16x5 man teams in a "winner stays" format to determine the winner take all $5000 prize.

You read that correctly.

Blue belts competing for a massive team cash prize 

Bouts are determined by submission-only with no breaks in the action and seamless penalties distributed to any stalling competitor to keep the flow of bouts at a brisk pace. 

 Credit: Fight or Flight Photography

With blue belts comes more understanding than the rough and tumble muscling of your average over-enthusiastic white belt, but enough technical proficiency to give seasoned vets to the casual onlooker enough to digest. 

Classic Jiu Jitsu founder Thom Kotis fondly remembers the atmosphere of the Yamba Classic, the maiden competition for the Classic Jiu Jitsu brand.

Teams eliminated in the preliminary bouts were gripping the edge of their seats to see who would come out on top.

The team who beat them?

The team streaking through the competition?

What happens when this seemingly unstoppable team meets the equal counterpart on the other side of the bracket?

Credit: Fight or Flight Photography

These are the questions that were answered and One Purpose Jiu-Jitsu reigned supreme that day with a congratulatory vibe from spectators and defeated competitors alike.

Something expected from the typical sportsman is due respect to their successful competitive opposition, but the tournament format of Classic Jiu Jitsu encourages celebrating your successful opponents.

Thom even recalled the locals hearing the ruckus and joining in as spectators even with no knowledge of grappling. 

That is essentially the soul of the Classic Jiu Jitsu format.

An exciting and captivating true team-based tournament that encourages spectator inclusion, and invites any type of social media streaming. 

Credit: Fight or Flight Photography

The Yamba Classic had anyone with a decent view of the action streaming the action to their teammates interstate, friends and family as the night's tournament unfolded. 

The St. Kilda Classic is just 9 weeks away and takes place on the fight weekend of Australia's most historical fight weekend to come, as UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker takes on Interim champion Israel Adesanya to unify the titles.

Enjoy grass-roots jiu jitsu action in the grappling capital of Australia.

Enjoy tickets, registration and more info about Classic Jiu Jitsu at: 

and follow the St. Kilda Classic event at:

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