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Hello again and welcome to a very crucial component of Jiu Jitsu and grappling in general, the old shrimp or hip escape. This entry builds on last fortnight's post about the importance of frames and I can't express how much more you will get from this if you are up to date with that write up found here: http://bit.ly/2r3NUHE

Frames across hips and shoulder line

Side control escapeDemonstrating from side control bottom again, frames are inserted across the imaginary lines on our opponents hips and throat/shoulder IN THAT ORDER, refer to 7. Novice Knowledge again. Feet close to butt, these are your engines, then bridge your entire body to the sky and fire your hips away from the opponents.

Shoulder and foot on mat only

This can be achieved by only allowing your shoulder and diagonal foot to hit the ground, either left shoulder/right foot, or right shoulder/left foot. 

For the sake of drilling the point home, extend your legs out as far as you can as you would if you were sleeping and not close to your butt. See how high you can raise your hips.

No bueno am I right?
That illustrates inversely how important it is to have them as close as you can to your butt.

Underhook escape

For the sake of avoiding info-overload and repeating concepts from 7. Novice Knowledge, we will not go through the process of the full escape or reguard, just know they are primarily your options. Posts in future will detail the intricacies of where to from here, but for now try to find an underhook and come to your knees, or reguard and play your game from there. 

Hip out from mount

So when should/can I hip escape?
The hip escape is a partition of many other escapes and will subtly be included in many techniques. The higher the belt the more subtle the movement and will become assumed knowledge in time. 

But as for now, and in the context of escapes, you can and should hip escape from virtually any poor position e.g. bottom mount as above image and bottom side/kneeride as below are particularly integral for a novice. 


Knee ride Kneeride hip out

And in any case when you're getting smothered and need some alone time, remember;

"When in doubt, hip it out". 

It's been a pleasure.
- Jake Anderson

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