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Check out these killer submission attacks from the mount and let us know your go-to sub in comments!

1. Firas Zahabi - S Mount Armbar

Canadian coach to world champions, Firas Zahabi, shows some finite details that reap huge rewards when opting to relinquish control to attack an arm. 

The points on weight distribution and connection are some nuggets of pure gold.

2. Lachlan Giles - Mounted Triangle

Aussie gem Lachlan Giles shares with us a mounted triangle from one of his classes that is pretty comprehensive, as always.

The option to attack the Americana really opens up the triangle so get used to attacking the arm to set up a much more critical submission.

3. Robert Drysdale - Americana

This one is a killer addition to the above triangle but please, disregard the uploaders incorrect naming of the video!

Robert Drysdale has been called "Possibly the most accomplished American Grappler of his generation" and with instruction as succinct as this, it is easy to see why. 

4. Ryron & Rener Gracie - One-Armed Guillotine

As the video title suggests, this was used by Luke Rockhold in his victory against Michael Bisping however this technique has been used from the mount for years.

The Gracie's are true to form with their candid and instruction with a lot of context on possible scenarios that can enhance and mitigate the submission. 

5. Kent Peters - Mounted Arm Triangle

Instagram sensation Kent Peters from @ZombieProofBJJ shows us a personal favourite from his mount repertoire and how he manages to get a high percentage and no frills strangle. 

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