5 submissions from Bottom Side Control

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Bottom side control is often thought to be one of the worst positions in jiu-jitsu as it is difficult to escape, you can be easily controlled and there is a bevy of submissions at the top player's disposal.
Offering a submission from bottom side is valuable when you exhaust many of your preferred escape options or to initiate a scramble to use them. 
Here are some clips on how to keep the top player on their toes and threaten them with a sub. 

Keylock sweep to Armbar

This tricky move is sure to be effective if you time it just right and avoid the passer settling into position during the guard pass. 
Some key points are elbow position in the meaty belly of the opponents tricep and keeping their arm close to the centre of your chest to maximise connection for the sweep. This will also allow you to dictate the terms of the armbar when on top with just the right amount of distance.

Triangle choke/strangle

Legendary coach Kurt Osiander, formerly under Ralph Gracie, is known in the BJJ community for his no bull approach to grappling. So if he has a triangle from bottom side control that works, you can take it to the bank. 
It cannot be overstated how important it is to control the far arm to lock up, let alone finish the triangle. 


This time-sensitive reversal is a nice counter to give the top player a taste of their own medicine. While not exactly as high percentage as some other subs, it will definitely force their respect and get them out of their cemented base. 

Baseball Bat Choke

Not just a sub, but a serious deterrent to the guard pass if you get the grips early against a more seasoned player. 
The set up from side control bottom might seem a little laboured but once it's on, it's on...

Reverse Triangle 

We have definitely saved the best for last and not because of the fact this is the one people assumed would be first on the list, but because of the amount of detail that multiple time world champion Braulio Estima goes into about a very common issue.
The angle he shows it from, and we aren't talking about the camera, should have you getting taps instantly. 
Let us know how these submissions work for you and remember to like and share.

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