5 High Percentage Side Control Submissions

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We've looked to some of the best in the world to show us their go-to subs or some killer detail that can make your submissions from the dominant position of side control even more devastating.

Demian Maia - Far Side armbar

Demian Maia might be the most successful purist to ever compete in Mixed Martial Arts. He has amassed a massive record of 13 submissions and a whole lot more by grappling domination.

Here he takes a classic and provides some niche detail on how to avoid losing the arm before spinning to the finish.

Andre Galvao - Kimura with Armbar Option

This conceptual attack series from multiple time world champion Andre Galvao is a fully controlled look at how to isolate and threaten with a duo of attacks. Pay attention to his concepts on angles!

Rafael Lovato Jr - Step Over Triangle

Check out the triangle Lovato used to win at the 2008 Mundials from a guard pass straight into the triangle strangle. The set up to hit the armbar first with the triangle option is magic and is a great way to create a dilemma with an opponent reeling on the ropes, metaphorically speaking. 


Marcelo Garcia - Guillotine

There could not be anyone better to explain the inner workings of a guillotine than the man himself. The action of your ribs can make this sub from side control extra powerful and could mean the difference between having an advantage and having a round ending choke.

 Arm Triangle 

 Or as Chael calls it "The American Gangster Head & Arm Choke" is about as old-school as it comes but is a real meat and potatoes technique for the top side pressure player. 

Get that head and arm isolation and cook them until you can traverse to the other side and then constrict your way to a win.

Start using these high percentage options today and reap the benefits of them immediately on the mats!

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