5 High Percentage Options From Top Side Control

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We're keeping the side control rolling (pun intended) this time with some transitions that aren't necessarily a submission. Some of the greatest guys to ever do it can pin someone down, but also remain fluid and use a bunch of transitional weapons when needed.


Chair Sit to Back

This is a classic side control option and certainly something you should have in your repertoire if you've gone through the trouble of sweeping or passing the guard. 

There are some key fundamentals here for beginners and some finer points for the more accomplished grapplers. 

Side Control to Mount and Back Again

By now you guys probably know we're big fans of Lachlan Giles at Absolute MMA for his logical approach to grappling sequences and ability to convey a deeper meaning.

This little clip details the relationship between side control and mount perfectly in a symbiotic fashion should you need to opt out of either position.


Crucifix & Kimura

If the video ha Rigan Machado in the title chances are it's going to be exactly what you needed, whether you knew what you needed or not. 

Rigan guides you through some of the key mechanics and issues with trying the crucifix in the gi in just under 3 minutes. 


Ashi Garami

If you love legs and look for any excuse to get there, even giving up side control, we got you covered. 

Pay attention to how tight you have to be especially on the near hip to negate and control your opponent before settling into ashi. 


5 kinds of side control

This flow drill is awesome as a warmup or just to drill and really hone your reactions and timing. If beginners are not too sure how to react to an opponent's escape prompts this is a great way to get some skill embedded into their subconscious. 


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