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Sure it's easy to rememeber the big stuff; Gi, mouthguard, thongs etc. But what about the essentials you've been rolling without?

1. Nail clippers
You never, ever want to be "that guy". Sure wolverine is cool on the big screen, but if you have manky claws on the mat people aren't going to want to roll with you. Don't forget to get your manicure on and file those bad boys down after you clip!

2. Tape
Tape for both your fingers and any niggling injuries. Prevention is far better than cure and if you have tape on you at all times you never have to go a session that puts you at risk of missing out on the next one. We recommend searching online for tips on how to correctly tape your fingers, believe it or not this is to prevent damage not just to look like a grappling savant. 


3. A change of clothes
They can even be the clothes you walked in with. Wearing your filthy, sweat logged clothes on the drive home is a sure-fire way to let bacteria thrive and create a funk haven. Preferably, bring a change and then you're free to go for post-roll coffee! It is a good idea to keep a plastic storage box in your car, that way you can load up at the start of the week and keep the day-to-day focus on your Grappling Goals!

4. A water bottle
Weigh yourself before you roll and then after, you'll be amazed at how much weight you've lost. Keeping a water bottle nearby is a good way to start the rehydration process immediately before you get too deep into dehydration and stay up all hours drinking or nearly peeing the bed. Remember to hydrate before hitting the mats, playing catchup is never a good idea, if you notice you are getting headaches and are struggling to recover you may want to assess your H2O intake.

5. Paracetamol
Dads/mums and shift workers might understand more so. Rolling very well could be the only time you get to spend on yourself, so don't let a headache or any aches and pains stop you from getting on the mats and making the most of your time at training. If headaches are a regular issue please consult your GP.

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