5 Escapes From Bottom Side Control

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We keep the theme going from bottom side control with some hefty answers from some of the greatest coaches in the world.

John Danaher

This one is a chunky steak to chew with some seriously insightful details, such as the clarity on control and pressure vs the use of wedges to complete your pin. Add this escape to your repertoire and you'll be back on top in no time.

Lachlan Giles

Yeah, yeah.

We know this one is actually 4 escapes, but we couldn't resist because Lachie's technique and delivery is world class complete with what to do and the opponent's reaction. If you can fluidly make this one conceptual framework for escaping and not a series of moves, you will strengthen your game on the bottom so much that you will be able to open up your guard game without fear of being trapped in bottom side.

Stephen Kesting

You mightn't recognise Stephen Kesting and if you do he might be "that guy from YoutTube. But in reality, Stephen is a 30 year veteran of martial arts and holds a Masters of Science degree on top of being a Marcus Soares black belt, so y'know he's pretty legit. 

Stephen operates GrappleArts.com which is a massive database of technique and theory that you should check out now, and then over and over again in the future.

 Firas Zahabi

Possibly most famously known for his tutelage of the welterweight GOAT, Georges St. Pierre, Zahabi is a very meticulous and finely attuned coach. This makes total sense when you consider he achieved the rank of black belt from the man first on this list.

Zahabi is a wealth of BJJ knowledge, especially in No-Gi and as it applies to MMA. His style of coaching is effective and speaks to his Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy.

Ryron Gracie

We couldn't have a list about one of the most fundamental movements in BJJ and not have a Gracie popo their head in. Ryron is true to the Gracie moniker and delivers a compelling and animated justification before delving into the technique.

This little demo from a seminar details escaping from the bottom side control as it applies in competition. 



Give these a shot and upgrade your game TODAY and we'll see you on the mats.

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