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Like us you have been forced off the mats indefinitely by this crazy pandemic. Unfortunately (or luckily) we are all in the same boat and if you are a grappling tragic the seas are rough right now.

The way we see it you have two choices, one, fall victim to circumstances, do nothing and ride it out (basically use this as an excuse to not train and progress) or two, take the time to think about alternative ways to ensure grappling growth, this is your time to work on all the other things you said you "don't have time for".

We are kicking you in to gear with 3 simple ways to use your gi for strength training.

1. Chin-ups

You might not have a chin-up bar handy at home, no problems, get creative. Hang your gi over a tree branch, head to the local park etc. this is a very difficult exercise, be mindful of your grips.

Partner option - Have your partner stand over you, set your grips and use a pull-up action from a laying start, this will also work your partners core and stabilisers. 

2. Bent over rows

For this exercise we have used a kettle bell, again, get creative! We suggest a paint bucket, tie the gi around a dumbbell etc. 

Partner option - Stand over your partner, set your grips on the lapel, ensure your partner is tensed in a up facing plank position and lift away!

3. Curls

These curl sets will not only create massive guns, they will also work the under utilised pistol grip (no pun intended). Instead of lifting massive weights we suggest mixing it up and going to failure, which will more closely mimic burnout during a roll. Don't have a dumbbell? use a paint tin or similar as suggested above.

Partner option - Your partner will wear the gi top while laying down, retract their hand down the sleeve and then make a pistol grip. Have your partner apply more or less pressure depending on desired resistance.


We hope these simple tips help you to gain your grappling fix! Send us an email with your creative workouts and we will post the best ones with a gift for your efforts! info@authorsupplyco.com


Keep moving! 

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