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The average beginner has to strengthen their hips, learn to get the fight to the mat and work on fundamental movements found in every position. 

This formula will put them in the fast lane to development and success sooner, feeding your grappling appetite!

And hey, if you're an established grappler looking for some motivation of inspiration you've found over 20 ways to reinvent your warm-ups here.

Thiago Rodrigues - 5 Hip Mobility Warm Up Drills

Your hips are made up of three groups of muscles: the anterior, posterior and medial or side muscles which combine to make a collection of flexors and extensors that are all crucial in generating force in grappling. 

Think of your thighs, hamstrings, butt, and core muscles to put it simply. These muscles band together to create the strongest symbiotic grouping of muscles in the human body.

Warming up these muscles for dynamic action is simply a must to get the most out of your roll plus it will make sure you stay limber and injury-free.  

Check out this series of warmups with Checkmate black belt Thiago Rodriges for mobility, flexibility and balance where you need it most on ground fighting,


Eli Knight -  5 Basic Jiu-Jitsu Takedowns

These are some powerful concepts you cannot get into your arsenal fast enough, especially if you're a white belt looking at competing. 

Whatever you do, don't be the guy that shows up to compete with no takedowns! (Pulling guard is not a takedown...)

Use these systematic takedowns with a partner before you hit the mat and you'll reap the point rewards in competition in no time.


Almiro Barros and Marcos Ratinho - 12 Essential Partner Drills

There's nothing more realistic or specific than attacking these major positions with fundamental movements in grappling.

HIt these with the proper setup and timing to flow through until it's your partner's turn. 

For a real burn, find a partner who is willing to go three times over with you and nail it in under 12 minutes.


Have you got a favourite way to warm up before hitting the mats?
Let us know in comments and always #WriteYourOwnHistory

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