3 Reasons Your Kids Should Do BJJ

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Does your child spend more time on their iPad than they do playing with their friends? Are you worried they might be developing lifestyle habits that could negatively affect them in the future?  

Physical activity has a number of benefits, one of which we’ve already covered in this article, Getting your kids into physical activities like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can provide them with another level of development compared to other sports

Below you will find 3 of the most commonly experienced benefits of BJJ that will help your child learn physical, mental and social skills from an early age and set them on the right path for their future.


3 Reasons to Get Your Kids Into BJJ Today 


  1. Development of Physical Coordination & Executive Function

It’s no surprise that physical activity and sports can develop your child’s coordination. While physical skills like balance, strength and agility will improve your child’s movement, it has been suggested physical activities that demand the use of fine motor skills, timing and the coordination of opposing limbs helped children to also develop problem solving skills and perform better in school. (1)

BJJ can also help your child to develop the mental fortitude and character they need in adult life by improving their capacity for executive function.

Executive functions that include:

  • Planning and organising
  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Assessing consequences before speaking or acting
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Social awareness


Martial arts have been linked to a greater development of executive functions compared to other sports because they constantly challenge and grow your child’s capacity for executive function, much in the same way lifting weights develops a muscle. (2)


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  1. Self Awareness

BJJ is known as one of the biggest ego killers, especially for young boys with a chip on their shoulder.

Though, this is not an absolute factor (I still know a few guys who need their ego knocked down a few pegs), I have still seen a remarkable change in a number of kids.

Many kids go into their first class with the idea they can beat up 10 adults and their instructor, catch a bullet in their teeth and breathe under water – Yes, I’ve had these conversations.

This lack of self-awareness doesn’t last long and a good instructor will be able to show your child that patience and hard work can build a healthy ego and the self-respect they need for the future.


  1. It’s Fun!

As mentioned earlier, martial arts like BJJ can improve your child’s executive function and there is one key factor that will determine the level of improvement.

This factor is your child’s enjoyment of the activity. If your child is involved in a task they don’t like, that is supposedly guaranteed to improve executive function, guess what, they aren’t going to do it for long let alone with enthusiasm.

As BJJ focuses on grappling, your child will see it as more of a playful exercise instead of a life or death battle, or worse, something boring!

An activity that your child enjoys that improves their physical fitness, coordination, as well as mental and academic skills is something that they should, no, they need to be involved in today.

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