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This week we flip the script and work to escape the formidable mount position.

We took the best online demonstrators with some meaty concepts from the mount to give you some real ammo in escaping this devastating position. 

1. Lachlan Giles - Escape Selection

Lachie's logical approach to grappling is possibly his greatest tool as an instructor, as he just makes too much damn sense. 

Of course, you should use the right technique to escape as you would submit or transition. 

2. Emily Kwok - Escaping a Larger Opponent

Multiple time world champion and Marcelo Garcia black belt Emily Kwok demonstrates the subtleties of escaping when you are on the negative end of a size discrepancy.

This is a very high percentage technique that works even if you are against someone of similar size or smaller. Use it today.

3. Kent Peters - Transitioning from Defense to Offense

Kent Peters is no stranger to a good leg entanglement and demonstrates a high percentage way to go from the nail to the hammer if you have confidence in your leg attack game.

The secret is in the hips and frames, the core of any good mount escape. 

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