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As mentioned in previous posts, the white belt is often colloquially referred to as the "survival belt". So, why not have a blog article specifically centered about survival when you need it most?

Given you have a base knowledge of common submissions, this concept is part deconstruction, part prevention as explained below and can be referred to as the "Lucky Last".

Think of a submission, any submission that you are most likely to encounter from a fellow white belt, armbars and rear-naked-chokes will be the most common unless you're 10thplanet4lyf. 

Now take the very end submission movement and nullify it.

Example, the armbar isn't usually complete until the leg of the submitter is over the face of the opponent. Therefore, if you are in submission strife of the armbar variety, do everything you can to prevent the leg from fulfilling it's requirement and by all means survive!

Refer to the above and below images, leg on above, leg off below.

Now lets apply this survival concept to the rear-naked-choke, one of the highest percentage submissions often referred to as the checkmate of checkmates and an all round bastard to deal with. 

Notice above that, while in clear choking danger, the arm that solidifies the choking arm is nullified with a 2-on-1 grip fight. If the arm held by the defensive player were to be free, then the choke is all but a surety. However, as above, the arm and subsequent action is mitigated and escape attempts can now be put in place. 


So analyse the last or solidifying action that submissions have and work to prevent that by any means necessary, whether it be stopping a hand finalising the choke, the leg across the face in an armbar, or broken posture in a triangle (refrain from going full white belt ballistic). This concept ties in with out previous blog titled 5. How Often Should I Tap? found here: https://authorsupplyco.com/blogs/news/how-often-should-i-tap.


If you can understand the basic mechanics of submissions and survive, you are well on your way to becoming an indestructible mat wizard and the game will be that much more fun due to the amount of confidence true survival entails. You can get more out of the timer, be emboldened to try new things, and the Jurassic Park feeling of "If I don't move the T-Rex won't see me...." in regards to higher belts will become a challenge of survival in its own right. 

Had your guard passed?
Had your escapes shut down?
Had your back taken?
Had your neck taken?

Remember the Lucky Last. 


Until next time, stay curious and survive.

- Jake Anderson

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