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Something I've been asked about is why we haven't covered any "cool" stuff in this blog. Meanwhile my white-belt alarms are ringing.

Let's break this down factually and philosophically.
Say you're a world class putter who can sink it from anywhere on the green, only problem is you drive the ball out of bounds every time you tee off.
Q: How good is your putting game to you?
A: Not very.
Guard pass block
Now let's replace putting with armbar and driving the ball with guard passing.
You have learned a game-ending armbar from top side control.
However, you can't pass anyone's guard to save your life.
Q: How good is that armbar to you?
A: Again, not very.
Driving the point home EVEN further.
You have a world class arm bar from top side control and you can't escape the BOTTOM of side control against a guy/girl who can pass your guard at will.
Your magical armbar is about as real to you as a Brazilian who hates Acai.
Trust the process of our blogs and build your game with a solid foundation, rather than a house of cards focused on flashy subs and Imanari rolls.
As the white belt stage is often called the "survival" belt, isn't recognition, prevention, and reduction of potential threats the essence of survival?
The flashy moves and submissions will come in time, but right now is the time where you should learn to crawl before you walk, let alone run.
So tap often, play the frame game, grip fight for your life, and when in doubt shrimp it out.
By all means, you will survive.

Osu from me to you.

- Jake Anderson.
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